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The Brush Tip allows you to draw both fine and broadlines with a bolder and smoother doodling experience.  The Pen is perfect for creating dimension in lettering, cartooning details and coloring PYO (Paint Your Own) cookies.  The tweets Brush Tip Pen is completely Smudge-Proof, Bleed-Proof and Fast Drying, and will resist alcohol based extracts (Vodka or Everclear) when painting.  Designing with the Pens will remain smudge/bleed proof when applied before or after painting.  Please allow 30 sec dry time between applications of liquid. (Water is not recommended)  The 

Pens are designed for use on Completely dry Royal Icing, Gum Paste, Dry Fondant, Wafer Paper, FlexFrost Fabric and outlining designs on Naked Cookies.

All pigments are FDA compliant, non-toxic (not harmful if consumed) for decoration use.

Set of Eleven Brush Tip Color Pens, a Brush Tip Black, an Ultra Fine Tip Black

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